Throwback: My Feature in Genevieve

I wrote this article a year ago, enjoy!


Flashback to December and i’m thinking, January is coming closer and there’s nothing that can change that, I’m having this reoccurring thought, while seeped in fear and anguish. I’ve just graduated with a Masters degree in International Broadcast Journalism from Birmingham City University, and before that, I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications from the University of Hertfordshire. And here I am in London working in Harrods, it’s absolutely fantastic to be here, Harrods is the most luxurious store in the world, and it’s now off my bucket list of places to work. Having spent almost 8 years in UK, although I came back to Nigeria, for a year in between for NYSC. But after all these years, it’s inevitable, home is calling, I’ve learnt all that I can with regards to my profession, so I need to come back to Nigeria and start my career. And so I left London, now I’ve spent 5 months in Nigeria, and I’ve learnt to expect and accept the unknown.


I strongly believe that under the cloud of uncertainty that exists in Nigeria, there lies a strong desire for success. This was evident from the moment my plane was descending into Muritala International Airport in lagos at 5am, i looked out from the window and at that time people were already on the streets. The overwhelming desire to succeed quickly influenced me and my hustle game came strong, I quickly created an online store for my parents business Biof Nigeria Limited, I linked it to Facebook for interactivity so people can purchase directly from Facebook.


Everyone that moves back into Nigeria will tell you about a special period, it’s quite a peculiar experience, but we all believe that somehow, PHCN gives us a welcome back period of steady electricity. Mine was for a whole month! Imagine a whole month of somewhat steady electricity. I got so cocky with it that i’d sleep with the air conditioner in my room on, and sleep deeply without worry, because, i was sure there would be light, which there was! I was beyond grateful. But the minute I spent a month, it got real fast, the electricity that is now provided lasts for only 7 hours everyday, and now that the rainy season is fast approaching it’s expected to get worse. It has rained about twice this month, and already a transformer somewhere, somehow is not working,coupled with the damage, some union is preventing anything from being repaired leaving us without any electricity, for the past 3 days with no solution in sight. Thank God we have no issues with water, and that’s because we have a borehole.


Professionally I’ve been a journalist since 2010, i started by working for my university’s radio station and magazines, a short while after, I started writing for blogs, and magazines, like OK! Nigeria. With my experience in blogging I created My Afroworld in 2014, a digital magazine and a video blog. So, coupled with all these experiences, I was ready to penetrate the media industry in Nigeria. It has not been easy! I’ve auditioned for an oap job on the Beat fm, heard nothing back, TVC’s security won’t even let me in to see the HR department, despite briefly working there in 2013, and I’ve lost all my old contacts. Blogs don’t want to pay, but alas a silver lining, in March, MITV gave me an offer, but the pay is not enough, besides they wanted to turn me into the Chairman’s Personal Assistant. Oprah Winfrey said that “don’t worry about being successful, but worry about being significant and the success will naturally flow”. I’ve had moments where people have insulted me for choosing this career, some have accused me of wasting my parents money, but they can never understand that blessings are beyond human comprehension, i am fulfilling my dream, I’m blessed to have a very supportive family, who have been aware of my interest in journalism since i was 10. I’m  also grateful to my high school’s senior class english teacher, Mrs Somade, in Supreme Education Foundation. She decided to give me a news reading job in one of the events in school, when I was in jss 2, she has no idea of how that positively affected me. There are people who can’t even fathom the idea of pursuing their dreams, their purpose. I strongly believe in the law of attraction, and like iconic world tennis champion Serena Williams said “some people say I have attitude, maybe I do, but I think you have to, you have to believe in yourself when nobody else does, that makes you a winner right there”. It’s a lonely road chasing your dream, but I’ve always championed to anyone who will listen that, if I can do it, so can you. So in March I got a freelance job in LTV, honestly my parents were so proud of me for getting that. I was a reporter for the current affairs department and it was good till I get a job offer in EbonyLife TV, without second guessing, I dropped LTV. Not because it’s razz or because the power struggle in the office is unnecessary. The truth is, I love the programs on EbonyLife TV, I’ve been a supporter since its launch in 2013. And the vibe over there is a lot more suitable to my western lifestyle.


The journey continues, albeit in a very hot city, which I can’t tolerate, a far cry, from the UK’s cold weather, which I despised. Man can never be satisfied!